Printing in Hong Kong
Printing industry in Hong Kong is renowned in the world for its good quality, efficiency, competitive pricing, quick delivery and excellent service.

The Quality of Hong Kong Printing is widely recognized as comparable to countries such as United State, Germany and Japan. And the workers in the industry are well trained, experience and highly demanding for good quality.

Most of Hong Kong printing factories are using the latest technology, up-to-date machinery and equipment, which includes computer design and DTP system. Electronic Scanner and Image setter, Color proofing system, computer control and automatic multi color printing machine. Furthermore, most of the printing factories are operating more than 16 hours each day, sometime even 24 hours. This will certainly shorten the production schedule.

Competitive pricing
Printing in Hong Kong is a highly competitive business, with over 5,000 printing firms in Hong Kong. Although most of them are small with less than 20 employees, this somehow is part of the reason for cost saving. Mainland China has also providing support to the industry. Shenzhen - the special economic zone of China where just next to Hong Kong, supplying cheap factory space and low cost manpower for all kinds of industry of Hong Kong. Especially for some printing finishing job which requires great proportion of hand assembling work.

Quick delivery
Due to Hong Kong's geographic location, Hong Kong has been the center of shipping and cargo transportation center since 60's. These enables Hong Kong to delivery its product cheaper and timely to every corner of the world.

Excellent Service
Most Hong Kong printers are having good service and sound experience in the field. They are often working overtime to meet client's goal and deadlines.With Hong Kong's convenience communication environment, which allows the clients monitor the progress of their job and keep in contact with their printer easily.

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